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My new meal plan
Jun 17, 2016
Hi all,

I've been a yo yo weight gainer / loser my entire life. I've been 16 stone, I've been 9 stone and I've managed to maintain between 10 and 11 for the last four years. Recently tho I'm starting to tip the scales above 11 stone and generally feel fat, I'm eating junk again and my willpower has dipped significantly.

What I want to do is totally strip back my diet, eat the same thing for every meal everyday so there's no variety no choice to pick up a snack etc. I've found in the past routine helps me stick to something massively so please no feedback on better / different methods.

My proposed routine looks like this:
No breakfast other than a calorie / sugar free energy drink.
For dinner, 75g of wholewheat fusilli, 30g of Morrisons nume super low fat Mayo, 1 tin of tuna, with two rice cakes, followed by an apple and a banana.
Then evening meal: 75g of brown rice, 200g of chicken breast, Morrisons nume super low fat (75 calories per half a jar) Bhuna sauce (says it counts as 1 of my five a week), mixed with three tablespoons of frozen veg.

For me this is getting my 5 a day fruit and veg. It's high in protein (I'm attempting to gain muscle), low in fat and according to my calculations it's only 1200 calories.

All I'll be drinking is water so there's no calories there either. Is this diet healthy? Am I gonna get skirvy or other disorders or disasters because I'm missing some random nutrient I get once a week in my korma sauce or something. I'm totally eliminated bread, potatoes, and obviously all crisps, chocolates etc.

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