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[QUOTE=YaYagirl;5481726]I use that diet too.

Hmmm...where is the rest of the diet?
Aren't you eating legumes and nuts?
Red meat a few times a month.
Fish and poultry at least twice a week.
Using olive oil and canola oil.
Using herbs and spices instead of salt.

Hon, you need to eat a balanced diet to have balanced bowel movements.
Some people are intolerant of milk, but you do need to keep up your calcium intake somehow or risk osteoporosis. I managed to do that to myself. Now I am back to including yogurt and cottage cheese and I take vitamin D.

Let me know if that helps you out.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, I was generalizing about the diet. My stools aren't BAD, just more loose than normal. Maybe this is how they're supposed to be? They are also suddenly in an "S' shape.

Here's a typical day's meals. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

Breakfast: rice cereal, milk, banana, green tea with honey

Lunch: PB&J on whole grain bread, nonfat greek yogurt, almonds or dried fruit, a cookie or two

Dinner: Chicken, white or brown rice, and a vegetable. Then a scoop or two of ice cream. I always need dessert. What's a good alternative? Frozen yogurt?

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