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[QUOTE=mehappy2;5491188]So I am a now a cardiovascular patient. Calcium and plaque, etc.

I am reading about the oils. Say for example Olive oil and Canola oil. I am supposed to switch to these types of oils for certain uses.[/QUOTE]

So you mean you would be using both depending on the situation? If you want to know which one is better, I think olive oil has an edge over Canola. Canola requires a lot of processing like solvent extraction and contains less nutrients - it's a vegetable oil. Olive oil is made from the fruit of the olive tree and has a lot of important nutrients. It's part of the Mediterranean diet, if that means anything.

[QUOTE]My question is this....

Are these heart healthy oils still bad, but just much less bad than say Trans Fat. Or, are they actually good, as in they will clean out your arteries?[/QUOTE]

Olive oil helps reduce cholesterol. It contains polyphenols and that means it has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect so it helps to keep LDL from becoming oxidized.

What I look for when buying olive oil: I buy olive oil that is organic, extra virgin, first cold pressed and unfiltered. After doing some shopping around, I found it at a reasonable price.

There are doctors who say that all oils are bad but I don't recall them saying exactly why. Perhaps it's because they consider eating nuts to be a better alternative. I think nuts are a better way to get fats in our diet. I stopped using olive oil for about a year but now I am back to using it, although, I use it very sparingly. With a measuring spoon I add one teaspoon to my food in each meal, and I still eat plenty of nuts.

Note: I'm not worried about heart disease, I just enjoy practicing healthy habits so as to be proactive. It's easier to prevent disease than to cure it.

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