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hey everyone,
i've decided to go on a bulking phase for my routine, but also eat as healthy as i sugar/junk foods..lots of veggies protein, and whole grains such as whole wheat bread/tortillas, oatmeal, and brown rice (maybe 2 times a week)
i need probably 15 lbs to lose , but also gain lean mass and muscle. i'll go on with this diet for about 4 months during my school sem and see what i can's my daily plan

breakfast 7-8 am: 1/3 cp of oatmeal with 1/2 scoop of whey protein powder
3 egg whites, rice cake topped w/ 1 tbsp natural peanut butterand scoop of cottage cheese..mostly carbs are during breakfast or lunch

workout around 930-11...around 1130 post workout whey protein shake, grilled chicken with veggies and wohle wheat tortilla (8 g carbs)

class from 2-4 ..have a snack..maybe some veggies such as cucumber slices or soy beans

dinner_around 6: girlled fish, chicken, or beef with veggies

2 snacks per day: whey protein shake, veggies, or slices of turkey

any ideas or opinions about my diet would be appreciated..i''m trying to bulk up but not get real big..just lean mass.. also i'm trying to lower the no fruit..mostly veggies and whole grains...also a bout peanut butter..i heard the natural one is healthy..maybe 2 tbsp a day..i have the 100% natural store brand pb..does that have any trans fats compared to the alittle more expensive brands..or are they the same..thanks for your help!

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