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Re: I eat too much!
Feb 22, 2004
I am under the age 20 if it has anything to do with this, but ever since I have been a little kid I eat like a living vaccuum...I could go to a buffet and eat three big plate fulls.

I have weighed 120 since the 8th grade, and I really have not gained any weight unless this scale is inaccurate which could be the issue also.

But the main problem is I am starting to feel fat, and embarrased cuz [I][COLOR=Blue]all I do is think about food[/COLOR][/I], and eat all the time. I always have but now that I am just out of my teen years, people tell me "u eat too much" my sister who wears a 00-2 size in pants tells me im fat, i wear a 4-6 in pants. It is starting to hurt:( and im getting paranoid, how do I not eat so much, its like my body needs food all the time.[/QUOTE]
I highlighted what I believe is the key phrase here. The fact that you are thinking about food all the time tells me that something else is going on. You are wise to try and identify it so young. I believe this is how many of us develop into emotional eaters as adults.
At the heart of this may be something very simple, like a food intolerance. Counter to what you may think, the body's response to eating a food to which one is insentive is to crave [I][U]more[/U][/I] of it. This has to do with insulin and hormonal responses the body uses to try and control its reaction to the food (Ann Louise Gittleman, in her book Fat Flush Plan, does an excellent job of describing this on page 22. Try and get a copy from the library).
Common foods that trigger more cravings are dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast. Start keeping a food journal. If you write down what you eat on a daily basis, you may be able to pinpoint foods that trigger the munchies for you. :D
Journaling this way is also a great way to get a handle on eating as an emotional response (rather than a hunger response). It may seem like a hassle, but you know, it can be excellent ammunition the next time you get the "she's eating again." comment. 'Specially if you can point to your journal and say, "Yep! I had a carrot/jicama/pepper snack 2 hours ago and now I'm eating an apple dipped in cinnamon." :p ;)
After all, recent nutritional studies now confirm that eating every 2-3 hours and keeping meals small is healthier than eating 3 large meals per day. :D

best wishes,

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