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[QUOTE=michaelfloyd] my question is, what is a good diet plan to lose about 20 pounds? i don't want some gimmick diet that makes you starve yourself to death for 2 weeks or whatever... i just want a good healthy diet to help me loose the weight.

[COLOR=Red]i'm not very disciplined and i eat a lot of junk food... [/COLOR] and i feel that i need like a schedule or something so i know what to eat every day. i think that would really help me.

[COLOR=Red]i've also recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colits [/COLOR] so for that reason as well a change in diet is needed. i just don't know where to begin.

so anyway, can anybody point me in the right direction here? your help is much appreciated.[/QUOTE]I've highlighted what I think are two key statements. The first undoubtedly contributes to the second. :eek:
The best diet is one with no whites (NO sugar, white flour, white rice, pasta, white bread) no alcohol, caffeine, soda pop. Instead, eat lots of fresh whole vegetables, a couple of fruits/day, and at least 10 oz lean protein (NOT 80/20 hamburger or ribs, but steak, flank steak, 97/3 hamburger, poultry, seafood) eat whole grains but dump the fast food and highly processed stuff like box dinners, cereals, etc. Drink at least a half gallon of water per day (a whole gallon would be better). Eat something every 2-3 hours (this helps stabilize your blood sugar and reduces cravings/binges).
Personally, I think that the Fat Flush Plan is a healthy diet ( and offers menus & recipes, too!) but probably requires more discipline than you are presently able to muster. :(

best wishes,

highest wt: 233
203/146/146 on the Fat Flush Plan for life and perky to the max!

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