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Well, it's very simple, take what you need. If you're not active then I suggest you not even take any supplements except a daily dose of a mulit-mineral/vitamin. I also take Centrum Performance, but I also work out 6 days a week and take additional supplements to help feed my muscles. As for fish oils and such, I say you don't need them. Not unless you're overly worried about your heart or have joint problems. Omega-3 is the main nutrient in fish oils and I only suggest you take it if you're not a big fan of sea food. No, taking all of these supplement isn't necessarily bad for your liver, kidneys and such. But I will guarentee about 50% of what you take in will not be aborbed correctly. I will say that being female taking an extra calcium supplement is greatly appreciated by your bones. Also, calcium is good for lowering blood pressure and helping with fat metabolism. For females, especially over the age of 40, should really be taking some type of calcium supplement. You're still young but starting now won't do you any harm. In fact your preparing yourself from any major bone depletion you might experience later in life. I do have a question in regards to your iron intake. How much iron are you taking daily? I know Centum has a good daily value of iron but how much are you taking aside from the Centum? As for St. Johns Wart, well...I'm not to big on herb supplements because there are hundereds out there and 98% of them do absolutely nothing for the body. In fact many of them are destroyed in the digestive track and are used more as great waste enzymes. Although, St. Johns Wart has probably been the most used and talked about herb in recent times. Along with ginseng, ginkgo bilba and saw palmetto. But that doesn't mean they work for EVERYBODY(as in a great majority). I say stick with your mulit-mineral/vitamin unless you are extremly active, then it's a whole other ball game.

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