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A normal, healthy person maintaining their wieght takes in from 2000-2200 calories/day. Usually its about 500 calories for all 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and then 2-3 smaller snacks of about 250 calories (betwn meals or add them on to meals if you would like a bigger dinner, as many ppl do). Try to get in proteins, dairy, fruits and veg and starches- most of your diet should be starches!! For breakfast for ex- 500 calories would be:
one entree (2-3 pancakes and syrup, waffles and syrup, 2 slices toast and butter (and jam if you like-next to no calories), a bagel and cream cheese/butter, a cup of cereal and milk, a doughnut, a small muffin, a danish, 2 eggs and 2 slices bacon/2 slices toast etc.)
+ one whole fruit
+ yogurt
+juice or milk
If you follow this for breakfast, it takes you to about 500 calories-purrrrfect! Then for lunch and dinner, follow the same idea:
one entree-> a sandwich with meat/cheese (2 slices bread, 1 bun, ~5 cm of a baguette), or a frozen entree, or 1 serving starch (1 cup pasta (with 1/2 c sauce), rice, 1 bun/ 2 slices bread, etc)+ one serving meat (one chicken breast, a fist-sized portion of beef, fish, pork,etc)+ veggies (any amount..theyre have minimal calories even in large amounts..have a salad (with dressing), or any other veggies like carrots, broccoli, beans etc mixed with a tbsp of butter/oil),
+ a drink- glass of juice, milk, pop, wine, etc
+ a dessert- 2 cookies, a yogurt, an ice cream cone (1/2 cup+ cone), 1 slice of cake/pie, a tart, a fruit, a granola bar, etc

For a snack, (~250 calories) have a fruit and drink, 2 cookies and milk/juice, a granola bar and juice, 2 slices cheese and 4 crackers and juice, 2 brownies and milk, a small bag of chips, 1/2 a bag of popcorn (its very light), a slice of cake/pie, etc..mix and match these.
Hopefully this will help on a meal plan after getting into trouble with the amt i was eating and am working on changing that with this plan. Its pretty god b/c it incorporates foods that are healthy and foods that arent looked at as healthy but we all want to eat! Good luck with everything!-- Remember though! If you have been eating only a little bit, you will begin to feel bloated when you start eating normally again. YOU ARE NOT GAINING WEIGHT. Your body is just processing food slowly b/c its not used to it. Keep eating what youre supposed to any you'll get over this bloating pretty quickly. You will also probably have to force yourself to eat sometimes- you just arent used to eating normal amounts- dont go by hunger cues for the first little while until you feel everything is under control in a good way. Good luck! :)

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