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I added up the "higher" options of all the things, which you prolly wouldnt eat all in 1 day..but even still your day only totalled about 1200 calories. You mentioned that you didnt think you were fat (youre not) but then went on to say that you have a bit of extra padding on your tummy/sides. The way your day is going now, you'll lose weight fairly quickly, as well as tone up. But if you are happy at the weight you are and dont want to lose- just tone up- you need to eat more. You burn a LOT of calories during your exercise times and on top of that you are eating at a minimal level..I'd be surprised if your body didnt go into starvation mode. Your choices are very healthy, but I think you need to add more. Try having a dinner (or make on of the snacks a dinner) consisting of 3-4 oz protein (chicken, turkey, pork, occasionally steak/beef), with some veggies (unlimited b/c they are virtually calorie free), and at least a serving of starch (a potato, cup of rice/pasta, bread, etc). This will keep you full and is still very healthy- you also need the carbs b4 the gym.

Bodybuilders are known to eat a majority of protein in their diet- so add that in whenever you can. coffee is a diuretic, buit you said you drink water so thatll cancel out. BUT be very careful about drinking so much water- make sure you have enough salt in your diet!!! Salt is calorie free, so no worries there...the reason you need it is b/c without any salt, the water will flush everything out of you, potentially throwing off your electolytes and vitamins/minerals. Put salt of anything that can be salted (dont go overboard, but make sure its there..). All in all, aim for at least 1800 calories/ day..that should still keep you losing weight while not causing a drastic change in your metabolism (not a good thing..). For you, that would be about 2 more snacks, or 3-4 more protein servings and starches (+ veggies!!..again, free)

Good luck with everything!

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