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Hi all,

I am not on a diet, although I keep a strict lifestyle in terms of my food habits for health reasons (I am a Celiac). I also don't eat meat (I just don't like meat)and I avoid some dairy products like milk and yogurt. I do occasionally eat cheese (which I love, it is hard to cut that out). Dairy does strange things to my body, so I try to cut down on it, and since I am gluten-intolerant I avoid many grains so that I won't get seriously ill and damage my stomach *blech*. Anyway, I am curious as to how my diet looks to some of you and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. I'm a bit worried that I do not get enough calories during the week, so here goes:

-a couple of pieces of multi-grain, gluten-free bread with Tofu spread, peanut butter, or some cheese with a piece of fruit and orange juice/fortified rice milk/almond milk (whatever I happen to have in my fridge that week)
-a couple of servings of gluten free, multi-grain cereal with rice milk/almond milk and a piece of fruit and orange juice/rice milk/almond milk
(sometimes I will have both cereal and smaller servings)

This is my bad... I usually do not get time to eat lunch. I work as a teacher and I swear, 90% of my lunch hours are spent running around doing prep. work, marking, photocopying, disciplining kids or tutoring. I have to stay with my class while they eat from 12-12:30 and then from 12:30-1pm is "my time" to eat, but after 30 mins of lunch hour duty and opening drinks and supervising my classroom, I have to prepare for the next class. On the days I *do* get time to eat:
-a couple of pieces of fruit (anything I can eat on the run)
-a couple of boxes of raisins
-salad (usually only gets half eaten)

Afternoon snack:
-a few servings of plain tortilla chips
-6-8 gluten free crackers and cheese
-diet ice tea (the regular ones taste too sugary for me) and a 28 oz. bag of baked potato chips
-handful of almonds (if i have any in the apartment)

varies, but usually quite large and includes stuff like:
-serving or two of vegetarian stroganoff
-leek and potato soup (1-2 servings
-veggie stir fry with rice (prob. adds up to two servings)
-a couple of servings of pasta with pesto or tomato sauce and veggies/pine nuts/ or olives and oil and some veggies
-homemade vegetable soup...with lots of veggies and sometimes gluten free pasta cooked in there
-salads with clear dressings
...stuff like that. Dinner is usually a bigger meal, as is breakfast...

Anyway, I walk to my workplace on most days, which is a 20-25 min walk one way, so I get about 40-50 mins of walking in each day. I try to work out 3 days a week at the gym, doing "power walking" on an incline for half hour intervals, or cardio on the bike, as well as weights. My job itself requires me to be on my feet all I am quite tired with that alone... I take vitamin supplements everyday, mostly b12, iron and folic acid as having Celiac really cuts down on being able to absorb those nutrients. I have been taking them for years, well before I gave up meat. I am a fairly healthy female (I think). I don't get sick very often, so i assume I am healthy ;) I'm 5'6 and about 123 pounds. I don't really want to gain or lose any weight.

Can someone give me some feedback on my lifestyle? I would really appreciate the help!


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