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Re: Eating
Jun 1, 2004
[QUOTE=PinkLady88]Sometimes I'm not hungry for like breakfast or something, should I still eat anyway so I will have my three meals a day along with eating breakfast like I need to? :)[/QUOTE]

It is very important to eat regularly throughout the day - I think 5-6 meals is better than 3. While you don't necessarily need to eat upon awakening, it is important to eat a meal in the morning and then space your meals out throughout the day.

The goal should be to maintain consistant blood glucose levels and to balance your metabolism at a consistant level. When you sleep you don't need to eat because your body conserves energy, but when you awaken, you start to expend energy. If you don't provide nourishment, your metabolism goes into a "safety mode" you won't necessarily feel hungry, but what is going on inside is a bit out of whack. Then later on you may feel extremely hungry or have a tendancy to overeat.

if you don't like to eat a big meal in the morning have 2 smaller snacks spaced out. For example, have a small carb/protein snack at 8am and again at 10am. Then at lunchtime you won't be starving and your body will be functioning correctly and sending your brain all the right signals.

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