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Nikos, You would still benefit by estimating carbs/protein/fat ratios and shifting your diet to increase the protein a bit. I know its tough in a college environment - you are stuck with what they provide and have limited choices.

First, make sure you know what your carbs, proteins, and fats are. Carbs: Breads and any flour products, sugars, fruits, vegetables. Proteins: Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Cheese. Fats: Butter, oil, mayo, dressings, etc. Usually proteins also have fat but no (or very small amounts of) carbs. Some complex carbs also have a small amount of protein (veggies, nuts, etc)

So just apply this knowledge to how you eat. When you go out, choose a burger or grilled chicken sandwich over pizza. Pizza is mostly carbs (crust and sauce) with a very small amount of protein (cheese and/or meat), where a burger has more equal amounts of protein and carbs (the meat and the bun). Avoid pasta as a main dish and have it only as a side dish to some chicken, pork, or steak. Always eat veggies and salad when you can. Most fast-food places now have lots of salad options. For breakfast, avoid eating pancakes and french toast which may be 80-90% carbs and steer towards eggs, meat, or cottage cheese with a smaller portion of toast or cereal or fruit. But don't eat just cereal or toast - you gotta get that protein in. In general, try to avoid highly processed foods like gravies, pot-pies, casseroles, mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, etc (which are common in college meal halls). These dishes are VERY high in refined process carbs. Instead, choose whole foods whose ingredients are visibly identifiable, like lean meat, veggies, and whole potatoes (roasted or baked) or rice. If you can't tell what's in a food just by looking at it, its probably not a good selection.

Because most proteins also have fat, you do want to be careful to select lean proteins when possible (chicken, fish, lean beef) but I know you probably can't get any decent fish in a campus setting, so you may want to skip that.

Regarding snacks - you should really try to carry a few small items with you in your pocket or a napsack if you carry one. An apple with a small portion of nuts... or perhaps you can buy some protein bars to carry with you. Not the best choice, but possibky more convenient are the pre-packaged peanut butter sandwhich crackers. Any of these options spaced between your meals will help you stabilize your metabolism throughout the day.

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