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Hi again Nikos, Okay, if you have to CHOOSE between diet and excercise, I say start with diet! It is so important to eat right. And a healthy diet will improve the effectiveness of your excercise. But both diet and excercise are quite important and both will contribute greatly to reducing your belly!

As you requested, here are some numbers for you. These are recommended daily calories for an adult male, 21 years old, 6'1", 195 lbs:
2200 if inactive (but this includes normal daily activity)
2400-2600 with 60 minutes of moderate activity (brisk walking, light sports)
2600-2800 calories with 60-90 minutes of heavy activity (basketball, running, etc)

Using the 2400 calorie range, and based on formulas previously posted you might want to eat meals as follows:
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: 600 calories each consisting of approximately 75 carb grams + 37 protein grams + 17 fat grams
2 Snacks (each): 300 calories consisting of 38 carb grams + 19 protein grams + 9 fat grams

You would benefit greatly drinking 64-96 oz of water per day. The more you drink, the better your liver will function to metabolize fat.

So what fits into these numbers for you? Here are a few sample breakfasts:

1. 2 eggs + 2 slices of hearty whole grain toast with 1 tbsp of butter (the kind of bread where you can see the nuts and seeds in it) + 1 8oz container Lowfat fruit yogurt
Nutritional Values: 690 calories 50% carb/20% protein/30% fat
Notes: A bit high in calories but a good balance of nutrients

2. 2 packets of instant oatmeal (with 2 tsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of butter if you must!) + 3 oz ham steak + 1 banana
Nutritional Values: 550 calories 50% carb/20% protein/30% fat
Notes: To give you an idea of portion size, 3 oz of ham is about the size of a deck of cards, even if you would have to fold it.

3. 3 Nutrigrain frozen waffles + 1 cup of LF cottage cheese + 1 cup of sliced peaches (in own juice or drained well)
Nutritional Values: 515 calories 58% carb/32% protein/10% fat)
Notes: Pile this one together like a big ice cream sunday - its really pretty good! This is the lowest fat option here! The cottage cheese is your primary source of protein in this meal so you really cannot eliminate it or reduce it by much.

4. Fastfood option (believe it or not!): 2 egg mcmuffins (lowest in fat of any other FF breakfast sandwhich!) + 1 whole orange.
Nutritional Values: 670 calories 45% carbs/22% protein/32% fat
Notes: Don't eat Mcdonalds every day just because its on the list!!! Its rather high in sodium and higher in fat, and fastfood is never the best option. My point is that if you are out and about and you MUST choose - this is probably the one of the better menu choices. Gotta keep it realistic!

Here you can see, that convenient breakfast foods tend to run high in fat. You need to seek out foods which are higher in protein but lower in fat (which can be tricky, especially in your environment). So you if you consume more fat in the AM, reduce your fat intake later in the day. Your example of eggs, sausage, and cheese together in one meal gives you lots of protein, but WAY too heavy on fat in one sitting.

Remember, these numbers are targets - you can be off a bit in either direction - just focus on the target numbers as a goal. It would be virtually impossible to hit these targets precisely with each and every meal! Get on the web and start to look things up - the more you learn the easier it will be. Do a google search on "USDA Food Database" - you can find anything and everything there. Also remember its all about balance. You don't have to give up eggs or cheese you just need to combine your foods so you get modest, reasonable amounts of the nutrients you need (so for example you might avoid eating eggs [I]with[/I] cheese)
The menu that was just given to you like the waffles and yogurt, may not be the diet that bests suits you. There are hundreds of diets out there because everybody has a different taste, lifestyle, metabolism, etc. For example, I'm the mixed type like half protein half carb ratio. Some people's energy level is great when they eat a higher protein to carb ratio. It all depends on how you feel after you eat a meal. I like to include a small amount of protein and carbs at every meal. And, I try to eat about 6 small meals a day. Actually, I used to dread exercising, now I'm hooked on video tapes and love the challenge these routines give me, especially step aerobics. Step aerobics is equivalent to running 7.7 mph and is so much fun but it takes time to get used to. I didn't mention, before I lost the 30lbs when I went on the Slim Fast diet. That may not be for you, but it is a healthy way that kept me on track so I didn't have to measure this or that. But that's when I didn't know much about dieting because I was like you, didn't feel like messing around with counting calories and such. I constantly have a sweet tooth, so that's why the slim fast diet worked for me. It may not work for you, but do some searching on the internet about diets and I'm sure you'll find one that suits you and your lifestyle. There are some sites that actually have quizzes for you to help you find a diet suitable for you. I would definitely get into exercising. It really sucks trying to get started, but I have to say it really boosts you mood, energy, and the list goes on and on. You may want to incorporate weight training twice a week to really burn fat. Well, I hope this helps. I think you'll find a suitable diet for you. BTW, I learned to love fruits, and vegetable juice and got used to not eating junk. I actually feel better, and savor every bite of healthy fruit and veggies and low fat dip. That's just an example! Good Luck! :wave:
P.S. There is no question that exercise will help you lose weight. It will speed up the process and should be a lifelong habit like brushing your teeth. There are so many important aspects in exercising, I wouldn't even no where to start. Maybe you should type in google, "the benefits of exercise" and that may motivate you right off the bat. Or, you could go in exercise boards or chat rooms, they seem to help motivate me. Like I said, It is hard to get started but the results are real and it's extremely healthy for you.

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