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The apple cider vinegar is what's used mainly for weightloss. I am currently taking 1tblsp in 8oz water with 1tsp honey. It does suppress my appetite and aids digestion. I've lost 5lbs so far, you still need to eat well and exercise, but it does help a lot. Here's some further info for ya:

[COLOR=Red]The Healing Powers of Vinegar [/COLOR]

A bottle of this remarkable liquid probably sits in your pantry, used occasionally when a recipe calls for it. But this inexpensive, unglamorous condiment is a source of some powerful health remedies.

Vinegar contains many important vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids: calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, magnesium and iron, to name a few. Due to recent research results, doctors and scientists are now calling it a "functional" food - a food that not only is nutritious but also can help prevent and protect against disease.

Here are a few benefits of different types of vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar: Encourages cell and tissue growth; helps transmit nerve impulses and enriches blood; helps the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid, which aids digestion and helps prevent digestive disorders as we age. Red Wine Vinegar: Flavonoid-rich, it can help lower cholesterol levels, lessening the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Balsamic Vinegar: This vinegar is high in anti-oxidants and potassium.

And here are some therapeutic uses for vinegar: Apply apple cider vinegar to burns to alleviate inflammation, swelling and prevent blisters. Clear congestion by inhaling the vapor from a steaming pot of water with several spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar. Soothe a sore throat by gargling a 50-50 solution of warm water and vinegar. Stop hiccups by sipping a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar. Alleviate athlete's foot by rinsing feet several times a day with plain or apple cider vinegar. The acid of the vinegar helps top fungus growth and relieves itching. Fight off menopausal night sweats by sponging yourself down with apple cider vinegar before going to bed. And don't forget to use it mixed with oil to dress a salad, or mixed with oil as a dip for bread instead of that pat of butter!

Source: NewsEdge Corporation, Daily Mail, 2001

Hope this answers some of your questions :wave:

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