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[QUOTE=LS289]Hi everyone- I am an advocate for the lowcarb lifestyle, but only to a certain extent. I try to avoid sugar, white bread products, and other high carb favorites, but I have a hard time deeming vegetables and fruits as "bad." [/QUOTE]

LS289, Can you please provide me with a legitimate low carbohydrate plan where veggies and fruits are 'bad' and you are never to eat them? I've been using carb control for almost 4 years now and have yet to come across something like this.

[quote]What has me worried is all these unnatural products that are coming out now and flying off the shelves simply because they are LOW CARB. What is in them!?!?!? Low carb chocolate? Low carb jam? You name it[/quote] It's just the natural progression of things. Remember the [I]low fat 80s[/I]? The marketing companies and the big manufacturers see a trend and they are there to cash in on it.

As for what is in them, they should all be labled, that is the one thing that has changed from the 80s. Now you know what you're getting. The same holds true for all those low fat foods that populate the shelves in your local grocery store. Low fat ice cream, low fat cottage cheese, calorie reduced margarine. Take a gander at some of those lables next time you're grocery shopping :eek:

Blame the money hungry manufacturers if you want to blame someone. They have just as much of a clue as to what real low carb eating is as the general populace. It's not about eating foods that come out of a box or foods you need to unshrink wrap. It's about eating a diet comprised mainly of whole, natural, unprocessed foods.


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