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[QUOTE=Losec20mg]i dunno people are telling me to eat less cuz im looking pretty big 160lbs..tho i do feel better when im full, it makes me happy and, it makes me joke around..should i go back to eating those big portions..??[/QUOTE] "pretty big" as in healthy and not skin and bones?

How much less were you eating than normal? [B]It could be that because you've only been dealing with extremes your idea of eating 'less' is really eating "too little". [/B]

Extreme dieting will cause headaches - being hungry does that. So do toxins, eating junk, but you don't do that, so I'm thinking it's the former - too few calories. You drink your water, right? Any chance you're coming down with a cold? Headaches are usually one of the first symptoms.

Stick with healthy portions of food you know doesn't cause any episodes. Make sure you eat slowly and that a meal lasts a good 20 minutes - this is how long it takes your gut to send the message to your brain that you're not hungry anymore.

If you're happy at 160 and that is a good weight for you then it could simply be a question of monitoring how you feel as you eat - eat until you are no longer hungry, but not until you are stuffed and can't move.

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