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How do you cook Hooves? I am guessing they would have to be boiled.
This is quite a discussion and I still don not have definitive answer. Just joking on the hooves.

But I have asked two different butchers at two different stores and they both told me the filet was the leanest part of beef. I had always been told the round steak and sirlion were the leanest. That was the reason they were tough and had to be hammered to death for round and maninaded for hours for sirlion.

I have to watch my cholesterol very closely, but was told I could have red meat once a week as long as it was lean. Otherwise I eat ground venision which the lable states 3g of fat (1.5g saturated) in 4oz. And believe me it is good. The cholesterol is 40mg.

I have not had a good ol' hamburger in years. I don't miss it anymore. But I do a good piece of beef steak now and then. Round steak get's in between my teeth and drives me up a wall. Thanks for the information to whom ever is correct.

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