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Hello, I'm a healthy 26 year old man . I've been working out since i was 22. i was a heavy cigarette smoker from 16 to 22 . at which point i quit smoking and started doing weight lifting. though ever since about 16 i've had my current problem. my metabolism is VERY fast . dangerously fast. i have had times before where by accidently missing 1 meal i end up passing out.

many many many others i get very dizzy, light headed. i see spots before my eyes. and my hands go numb.

i have literally had days where i ate over 4,000 calories and passed out. one such day was when i got home from work at 5. started dinner, when to check email. i got up to check on dinner and when walking into my kitchen i passed out . only to awaken on the floor not really knowing what happened.

i recently broke my ankle this summer so i had to stop working out. now that i'm recovered i'm hitting the weights again. i have a Very hard time gaining weight now. and i get Very dizzy sometimes after completing a set.

i have gone in to the doctors to have my Thyroid gland checked, and to test me for diabetis. they say i'm fine. my vital stats are good enough for an olympic. standing heart reat of about 62 blood pressure was like 110/70 or something . i look very fit . people usually guess i'm about 175 or 180, but i actually only weight 160 . Oh i'm 5' 11" bare foot. i used to only weight 125-130 from 16 to 22. which i'm sure was becuase i was inactive and smoking cigarettes. (i was also only 5' 10" until age 22-23 i grew i afer i quit the butts)

now my diet is acording to FDA terms fantastic. breakfast is my only failing. usually i consume a protien shake cuase i don't allot more time in the moring. so i get 2 servings of whole or 2% milk. along with 300 calories from the shake. its got i think 41 grams of carbs and 20 ish of protien. combine that from the 300 calories 16 grams of protien/carb form the milk. not to mention i add a measuring cup of berries to that. i snack at work. eat a huge lunch. say a footlong sub from subway (3 days a week probally) or a bunch of tacos from taco bell (not the best but chicken soft shelled are not that high in fat as you'de think. WAY better then mcdonalds) i snack a nuts and fruit a lot. i'm sure i get 3-4 servings of fruit every day probally more. i tend to eat meat and potatoes for dinner. along with corn, carrots, brocoli. stir fry vegies. or i'll steam assorted frozen vegies. though i'm probally only hitting 2-4 servings of vegies. i also take multi-vitamans. i don't even like the taste of junk food so i don't touch the stuff. some days i can eat over 4,000 calories. and i still pass out.

What's wrong ??? :( i soooo don't understand it. i have just read a new book called "the maker's diet" though i haven't tried it yet. It basically explains about digetsion and micro-organisms that aid us in digestion... like maybe i'm eating all this food but i'm not absorbing enough nutrients from it becuase i don't have enough enzymes in my digestive track. and non-organic food does not contain normal levels of those... anyone a nutritionist who understands enzymes and absorbing digetsing our food ?

could it be my body is not grabbing what it should from the food i eat ?

any help would be greatly appriciated.

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