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Hey- I am a female and I am 21 years old. I was trying to lose weight. I have disordered thoughts about eating...but I am trying to get better ( and I think Im on the right track). The thing about weighing myself is good advice for someone, but I would say not for me becuase If I see numbers on the scale go up I will restrict my eating. Like I dont think I could handle looking at the scale everyday, thats what got me in this mess in the first place. Here is an example of what I will eat in a day .... An english muffin and a banana for breakfast, a grilled chicken ceasar pita ( fat free ceasar) for lunch with some baked lays, some baked chicken and broccoli or rice for dinner(sometimes boca burgers or pasta)---for snacks Ill eat fruits, grahm crackers with some peanut butter, animal crackers, cheese....stuff like that. Im trying to eat healthy but eat the right amount. Not under do it and not over do it. I think after coming off of my disordered eating its hard for me to tell whats normal. Just need a little guidence. Another thing is I find at night...I dont know if im bored or what....but I just crave "munchy" food so bad- like crackers and sweets. I need help controlling that. Thanks for your offer to help and I hope to hear back soon!

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