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Hi. I did an 100% fruitarian diet for about 4 months....while it was very enjoyable - I have to tell you I did not feel particularly great on have to be able to get to food all the time, and have tons of fruit available or else you canget really hungry/low blood sugar like issues....I mean I could easily eat 2 pineapples, or 3 mangos, or 2 quarts of strawberries or more at a time...there are so many conflicting theories about how much fat to eat, no avocado, yes avocado, fasting, juicing, all the "gurus" have different theories...I guess everyone's experience is different. I developed a lot of health problems, my hair started to fall out and has not stopped, my thyroid medication, which I have been successfully on for years, suddenly doesn't work right anymore, I gained weight and can't function right anymore - I am going through doctor after doctor now as I have developed extreme fatigue that isn't abaiting....the hair has not stopped falling out - I don't know if the diet/thyroid/hair thing is blamable on the fruit - but it all happened at the same time...I know people say they have had amazing experiences...i didn't - they say you don't need protein from any sources other than fruit and a lot of other things...I don't know....all I know is I'm not enjoying vibrant health and I was doing everything 100% fruit!

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