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[QUOTE=Losec20mg]hey jess..well you are a big girl and, very what does you good..never mind docs.

maybe you can handle some gluten..and, yeah your girl proly needs it to grow up..unless he is intolerant to it..then he can't have it..normally when little kiddies have nightmares or vomit on a regular bases..or are negative and, scared of school..or other kids, maybe you need to get that checked out... that is defenetly related to food..
and, yes constipation is a symtom of gluten..i had major constipation in my life on and, never really knew why..seriously..i was taking metamucil..eww it was helping but, i never got to the culprit, cuz i never are very smart..i can tell.. just try it with the grains switch with buckwheat waffles or, corn..etc same with the bread..pasta etc..if you see a change then maybe you are sensitive to it..and, don't worry, its for the might take a little time to see a differents(couple weeks) you will also see a differents in your stools as it won't smell as much..or maybe won't smell at my case it doesn' is the wheat that gives that nasty smell along with all the preservatives that we eat...because these things are very toxic.. just let me know.. :)..your body proly just wants healthier foods :)

don't panic jess..we will fix this..
and, yes the stuff your are eating has gluten in it..but, your oatmeal should be fine..i can't have oatmeal because im to sensitive but, you can..its proly your morning cereals or the waffles.. :)[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the compliment, I have alot more learning to do obviously. Anyways, do they sell gluten free waffles, pasta and cereal for sure? DOES oatmeal have gluten in it? And does Buckweat have gluten in it? I'm really going to give it up because I'm so SICK of being constipated. LOL I gave up milk for quite a while, switched to soy till I found out about how too much of THAT is bad, then switched to rice mlk for about 2 weeks and the constipation still remained. THanks for you help! :wave:
p.s. back to the original question . . . I'm not sure there is any point in stressing out over a little gluten here and there except where necessary . . . BUT, it would be good to get as varied a diet as possible from as young an age as possible. That said, wheat is in SO MANY prepared foods (followed by soy and corn). So it's worth seeking out alternatives as much as possible.
aunty..i no..the gluten and, soy are in so many things..
but they are in all the canned soups(cambells)..frozen diners..eww that stuff stinks a mile away..thats why it is so toxic..well, imo/ these prepared foods shouldn't be eatin by anyone wheather of allergies or not..those are total crap i call those fake foods..dead calories of course..oyi jess..i called that company and, they told me that everything in there is you are fine with that dressing...keep it up :)..i bought this new typ of pasta its called pastato..made with potatoes, the box is really heavy..oh well ttyl..

see ya :)

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