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Re: Calories
Dec 28, 2004
Another thing to add- its not the amount of fat or carbs you eat that are preventing a weight loss. Weight loss and gain comes down to calories- simple as that. You eat more than you burn, you gain, and you eat less, you lose.

That being said, it is HEALTHIER to lose or gain weight by eating a balanced day, meaning not too many carbs or fat or protein. But again, if you have a carb heavy day, but are still within your calorie range, you will not gain!

I also agree that it is highly unlikely that you are eating only 2000 Cals per day and are not losing weight. I would estimate you are eating more like 3000, or around there. If you do eat at 2000 calories you should be experiencing a slow weight loss (1-2 lbs per week), or more because you are taking off quite a bit. It isnt truly necessary to know how many calories you are eating in order to lose weight- just know what you are eating! Are you eating in front of the tv? Are you skipping breakfast in favour of donuts or other sugary snacks later on? Are you going out with friends and having 3 beers? Things like that are the things people miss.

Start making healthier choices:
- HAVE breakfast in the morning, choosing a bowl of oatmeal, a couple slices whole grain toast, fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.

- Have lunch, choosing veggies without a lot of sauces (like salad with low fat dressing), protein (turkey, chicken, lean beef occasionally, fish, etc), and "good carbs" if you want (a whole grain bun, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice (you can mix this with veggies and make like a pilaf if you want), etc. If you can heat things up at lunch (at work, in a microwave, etc), you could look into the occasional Lean cuisine, or a thermos of soup/chili, or things like that.
-If you go out, try to follow these same guidelines (avoid the fried foods, cream sauces, and cut the portions in half...choose veggies as your sides, have wraps/sandwiches/salads with sauce on the side- and use only a lil, etc)
- Guzzle tons of water, and if you must, diet pop. You can have the occasional drink with friends, just try to limit yourself to one or two (max) and sip club soda or diet pop instead.
- As for dinner, follow the same sorta thing as lunch- lean meat, lots of veggies, and good carbs. You can have your pasta too, just dont have a huge plateful!! Try to fill up on veggies rather than junk foods.
- Treat yourself occasionally, if youre craving something, so as to avoid a total diet crash later! One chocolate here or there wont prevent a weight loss. And if you do "fail" once, dont abandon all hope- keep going like nothing is wrong!
- Try to eat often, 5-6 times per day, keeping portions a little smaller than usual. Snack on veggies, small portions of nuts, fruit, low fat cheeses, etc.

You dont have to completely deny yourself, nor do you have to count all your calories. Just eat way more veggies, way less junky foods, drink lots of water EAT TO HUNGER AND TO SATISFY IT ONLY, and be aware of your choices.

Hope this helps!

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