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[QUOTE=Cuppycake]For breakfast I like to make a multigrain english muffin with one scrambled egg, a slice of canadian bacon and nonfat american cheese. Is this too much carbs/fat/calories to be having first thing in the morning? I didn't think it was too fattening because the cheese is non fat. Should I cut out the egg yolks? Thanks![/QUOTE]

Its not terribly unhealthy but it does have a lot of saturated fats. Every now and then its fine but for everyday - I wouldn't eat it.

How about 2 eggs, add some onions, peppers and spinach (or even a jalapeno) and make a frittata?? Add to that a dolop of low fat cottage cheese and you're good to go for a few hours. If you're about to exert yourself ie gym, running, you could add a couple of pieces of dry wholegrain toast. But if you're not about to use energy, don't give yourself calories that won't be used.

You could also try oatmeal with a tbsp of flax seed and a banana or some berries. If you can't stand the lack of sweetness you could drizzle a LITTLE honey - just enough that you can slightly taste it.

Also, try miso soup with cubes of tofu. If thats not filling enough eat it with a side of quinoa. Lots of protein.

Or, you could have a grilled chicken breast and some salad. Or, some grilled salmon.

Or, you could have a lentil burger!!

Don't shy away from foods that are not considered 'breakfast' foods. I don't know how we got to a point in society where we feel the need to eat crap at he time of day when our body needs nutrition the most.

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