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[QUOTE=Humrz28][color=deeppink]I've tryed tofu/soy etc... and in my opinion it is NASTY! I would eat sushi before I even touch that stuff again (and I hate sushi, lol). God made animals for a reason.. and that was to nourish us... so I will stick with my meats and veggies and other foods, lol. But, to each thier own... if you can eat that stuff... my respect goes to you 100% [/color] :bouncing:[/QUOTE]
I'm SO inbetween on this subject of eating meat. I can relate to the one side (vegetarians) and the other(omnivores). They ate meat in the bible, but then again it is cruel how they treat the animals, especially the (non organic farmed) animals. But, animals would overpopulate the earth if none of us ate meat and they would die one way or the other. Plus animals eat other animals to survive, it's natural evolution. So, like I said, I'm inbetween on this one, but I definitely don't like tofu/soy, LOL.blah!
Dang Veggiegirl you're making me hungry! My poop is green because of the herbs I take...hahahaha, I've been on a 30 diet (just finishing up), and it's like whatever I take, I feel the effects right away. Hahahhaaa, sorry about the poop thing again guys.

MMmmmmmmmmmm....Boca, mmmmmmmm. I went to a restaurant on Friday (it's tough eating out and being vegan at the same time), and this mongolian place had tofu! I was overjoyed (all veggies, and they cook it in front of you)...oh man, to those who won't try or don't like tofu...have it prepared right. I think I was in vegan heaven. :) :bouncing: mmmmm, ok now I made myself hungry, hahhaha! Have a healthy day guys!

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