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You probably need more fat and protein in your breakfasts. The pancakes and sugarfree syrup are nothing- you are NOT going to fill up on those. The eggs are better, as well as the sausage, but you should likely use regular butter and regular cream cheese. Also, have a glass of milk instead of water and I don't get the 6 raisins and slice of banana? Have the whole banana or a plum or grapes- raisins do not fill you up and a slice of banana wont either. Try this next time:

1 glass milk (2%)
2 slices ww toast
regular butter/margarine (plus jam and other condiments like ketchup for eggs if you like)
2-3 eggs
sausage/bacon/ham (if you fry it or whatever, use canola OIL or REGULAR butter)
1 whole banana OR 1 whole apple OR 1 whole orange etc
1 yogurt (like the little packs you can buy in multiples of 8 or so in the store)

If you want pancakes or waffles or danishes or cinnamon buns, etc, substitute the toast for pancakes (or whatever), keep the (regular)butter and add syrup if it goes with(sugarfree isnt necessary but if you like it..)

Also consider an omelet in place of 2-3 eggs- add some veggies, cheese, ham/turkey, etc and you've got a great breakfast!

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