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hilary b, i agree that there is a growing shift towards skepticism about the health benefits of milk. i just saw the latest issue of alternative medicine magazine, and the cover story is about setting straight some common misconceptions about the health "benefits" of or "natural need" for cow's milk.

a lot of soymilks have as much calcium and vitamin d as dairy milk. and of course there are a ton of very healthy and calcium rich plant foods, too.

if you want the benefits of acidofilus and other cultures found in yogurt, but for whatever reason want to avoid dairy, soy yogurt is a great option! it contains the same types of cultures which are good for digestion and colon health, but none of the milk which isn't. whole soy has good soy yogurts and yogurt drinks, as do wildwood, and silk. whole soy also makes a frozen soy yogurt with live cultures. all of these things are totally dairy free.


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