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[QUOTE=llamamuffinmama]Aside from thinking legumes are somehow "unnatural" food for us, I guess I don't understand why you wouldn't dream of eating them. They're full of protein, calcium, iron, and fiber and have healthy fat. I find them very easily digestible and would think most people would except perhaps for someone with diverticulitis or something similar going on. Are there some adverse effects that you know of or according to the paleolithic diet? Is there a logical reason we don't know for avoiding them? It just seems like we must have evolved to be able to eat them and other legumes considering how heart healthy they are and the other benefits they provide.

Legumes are well known to cause digestive problems unless properly prepared and even then there are the distress of gas and a growling belly. The phytates in legumes can cause poor absorbtion of minerals. Protease inhibitors can damage the pancreas, haemagglutins can produce various problems and Lathyrogens in Chickpeas can be responsible for Spastic paralysis of the legs, skeletal abnormalities. This (legumes) is not a food we were designed by evolution to eat and so I avoid all legumes. I know of no study that concludes that legumes are "heart healthy" if you do I would like to read it. I am not sure what other benifits they provide but perhaps you could educate me?

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