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[QUOTE=Lenin]I think legumes present a superb mixture of nutrients that, IF PROPERLY COOKED, give the highest protein content by far in the plant world. I think without legumes, billions would have starved over the course of history because grains simply are not a comparably good source of protein.

Legumes MUST be cooked in some way to make them digestible, thus mankind evolved into creatures that early on learned the advantages of cooking and the clever management of fire.

If one wants to go back in evolutionary roots perhaps beyond Neanderthal, maybe to near apedom he might encounter an early man-like creature without the use of fire. Such a creature wouldn't eat legumes but then he wouldn't eat uncooked rice or raw chickens either. Man and cooking are a VERY natural evolutionary pair...and like the song goes "You can't have one without the other!"

Hummus is one of the true delights of the culinary world, made with toasted sesame oil, tasty olive oil, and tahini and served with hot pita, it's TO DIE for.:D[/QUOTE]

Legumes were only consumed in any substantial way after agriculture began. Althought humankind's control of fire may be hundreds of thousands of years there were no vessels to cook things like grains and legumes. Your evolutionary time line is skewed; Neanderthals lived with early true modern humans just a few hundred thousand years ago and only died out some tens of thousands of years ago. The divergence from apes is much further back, with the last common ancestor of chimps and what became humans some 6 MILLION years ago. As to the delights of the culinary world I can only say that is in the taste buds of the beholder, a paleolithic person would not recognize bread or hummas for that matter as food. So here is the basic concept. There has been no evolutionary change in what our bodies have been designed by time to eat. All of the foods that entered the diet because of agriculture are essentially foreign to our gut. The diseases of modern humans can be traced to a diet that is based on those agricultural products. The evidence is clear when you examine the bones of preagricultural people and those that came after. Preagricultual people were much larger, had denser and bigger bones, were more heavily muscled and showed no indications of the diseases that plagued the agriculturists, they also had few or 0 dental caries. Those people that began eating a grain based diet became much smaller and the health problems become much more problematic. You can use your search engine to find much more.

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