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[QUOTE=kyethra]I went to McDonalads after watching supersize me. It made me hungry.

But thanks for the feed back.

Do I have to cut out all gluten, or can I just cut out wheat?[/QUOTE]


Most people need to cut out all forms of gluten in order to see a real improvement in their health. This means wheat, rye and barley, and all secret forms of them -- it would be a good idea to visit some celiac websites to get the full list. You need to learn to read ALL food labels -- I was astonished to learn that soy sauce is half wheat -- I now look for tamari, which is (usually) made only from soy, but I ALWAYS glance at the ingredients label to make sure.

It takes some getting used to, but if you find that removing gluten from your diet makes you feel better, you'll have to decide for yourself whether you want to weigh the benefits of health against the major change in your eating habits. I personally have chosen to learn new cooking methods for the new foods I've discovered, and I make sure to bring foods with me when I'm not sure I will have a gluten-free selection available. But my friends understand (in theory if not in practice) and try to accomodate my "dietary restrictions" as best they can, and when it looks like they really want to make pizza or something for the guests, then I bring my own pizza crust or bread or whatever and we make a separate dish for me using the other ingredients. So basically what I'm saying is that the hassle-factor has to be weighed against the health-factor, and only you can decide what you want to do. My friends haven't been avoiding me since I started eating gluten-free -- so THAT concern never materialized!

Read some of the other posts on eating gluten-free, including in the Nutritional Disorders Forum, and you can find entire websites devoted to information about celiac disease.

As for heritage (I also am red haired -- or was before my hair turned grey! -- with pale skin), it appears that gluten intolerance is more common in some genetic lines than in others. It's definitely recognized in Ireland, and the Italians have officially recognized that it's common enough that they have a law that says that all children are to be screened before they enter school.

And Losec, too bad I live in Germany, or I'd visit that health food store that you're planning on opening :) !


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