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I can relate a lot to your situation. Also that there is a part of you that thinks in terms of "extra calories" and "what if I have to eat more later and already had a bar?", even though really anything extra would be good! And double extra calories would be good too!
I also agree with the person who said that having to gain weight is not as fun as some people think.

I have also been trying to eat more. For me ithe problem is not so much that I am afraid I will ingest too many calories if I already ate something extra and then, for example, am invited to dinner. My problem is more that I am afraid I won't be hungry anymore, and I just don't like feeling full!!!!
Except right before I go to before I go to bed. Then I can eat until I feel pleasantly full. It helps me sleep.


p.s. About the bars. I have thought about that too. Maybe a good idea to just have something extra that is regular. Or some supplement like "biomalt" (do you have that where you live?). I try to drink ovaltine pretty regularly when I have it.
I just can't afford stuff like extra bars, I am on an extremely tight budget.

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