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But see, since you are exercising and not taking IN enough calories, then you could stall weight loss due to the body resorting to muscle for fuel which could cause fatigue, low metabolism rate, and so forth. A slower metabolism can cause weight loss problems as we all know, lol. ;) But what I'm saying is, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn due to the body NEEDING calories to supplment the synthesis of muscle. You could go on a starvation diet, do all the cardio that you want, and have a very hard time losing weight...that's why weight training is highly recommended to beat that yoyoing effect that many of us know about. :rolleyes: And being that you are a vegan, your body may require MORE protien, but I really didn't count your total intake. You should be getting at least .8 gr of protein per pound of body weight. I'm feeling like you already know this though. ;) When you don't fufill the caloric needs that your body strives to attain,(usually AT LEAST 1200 cals) then like I said muscle is lost and then problems with the metabolism usually occur. I'm just saying this is what I've read although as you and many of us know, there is SO much conflicting infor out there, lol. But there is some validity that not eating enough could stall weight loss. IN MY OPINION, I would say that you may need some more protein sources and some carbs so you don't feel so tired. Maybe you could try quiona, oatmeal, or amaranth? I love to eat a scoop of my whey shake IN my oatmeal. :p Because the body DOES need complex carbs for energy ESPECIALLY if your active. Did you ever think about whey protein, or some brown rice. I'm not a big meat eater at all, but I do supplment my protein with whey shakes, a can of tuna here and there, cottage cheese and yogurt.ect What about soy? Soy DOES have a lot of controversey but let's face it, one person will say eating meat is bad and the other says soy is bad and usually the one who doesn't eat meat chooses soy products. i'm sure you side with one or the other. I hope that made sense,lol. ;) But, it sounds like you've tried everything and you know your stuff. :) I'm sorry if you already mentioned in the original post but did you ever get your thyroid checked? I'm gonna read it again to make sure, lol. If you did mention it, forget that I said it, LOL. sorry

Edit: Yes, you did mention the fact that you've gotten tests done, but you didn't particularly specify a thyroid test, but i'm sure that's what you were referring to.

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