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[QUOTE=rheanna] The common "wisdom", even among doctors, may be that digestion slows down while we're sleeping. But scientists, who study people in labs and watch what ACTUALLY happens to our bodies, show that digestion happens at ALL times of the day. Food does NOT sit in a lump in our stomachs or stop moving in our intestines or stop being absorbed by our intestines just because we lay down to sleep.[/QUOTE]

I said "The body [B]slows [/B] right down while we sleep and [B]doesn't digest food the way it would when awake[/B]" BTW, I was part of one of those lab tests myself. My doctor sent me to one. It showed that I didn't digest my food as fast as I did when awake. Proving that digestion is slowed down when we sleep.

[QUOTE=rheanna]What times we eat is an individual thing. Those of us with tendencies to low blood sugar, or those with diabetes, or those who choose to eat several small meals a day, MUST eat often. We then have to watch the size of our meals, because the total number of calories per 24-hour day are what's important -- regardless of how much we weigh at the moment or how much weight we'd like to lose or gain.[/QUOTE]

I know this. I eat six meals a day.

[QUOTE=rheanna]Some people cannot face breakfast in the morning, and some people feel sluggish when they eat a lot in the evening just before bed. Some people feel that eating just before bed makes them gain weight, and others feel that NOT eating before they go to bed makes them so hungry in the morning that they eat like a bear coming out of hibernation. Some people are happy eating once or twice a day and others need to space out their food every three ours or so. Everyone gets to choose their own food and calorie distribution over the course of the day.[/QUOTE]

That doesn't mean they shouldn't still eat breakfast. People need food in the morning to give them energy and help them through until lunch. People that don't eat breakfast tend to snack later in the morning and it's usually junk food, very unhealthy way to eat.

The people that feel that NOT eating before they go to bed makes them so hungry in the morning, are usually the people that didn't eat properly during that day and have to eat something before bed because they are so hungry they won't be able to sleep.

People that eat once or twice a day usually are the ones with weight problems and have a hard time losing weight because they don't eat properly during the day.

Yes, everyone gets to choose their own food and calorie distribution over the course of the day. Then a lot of those people will complain that they are gaining weight (but don't know why) and can't lose it.

I've been to an RD and she said eating one or two meals a day is very unhealthy, it can actually put weight on people because they tend to be more hungry through out the day and end up binge eating. She also told me that people that need to lose weight shouldn't eat anymore 2 hours before bed, for me this is 8 p.m.

Anyway, when I've done what she suggested I always feel better. I notice I have more energy everyday and I'm losing the weight I need to lose. :bouncing:

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