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Thanks for the congrats!
I definitely think I've been doing a better job and it is because of a number of different things. Most of the times that I overeat or feel bad about myself are when I am ALONE, when I am WORRYING about something else or SAD about something else, or when I haven't WORKED OUT that day (or in a couple of days). Recently I have been eating most of my meals with other people and have been having a great time every time I do this, so it makes the whole experience of eating seem much more POSITIVE. I have also been continuing to exercise regularly, usually running 5-6 miles a day, and this has helped me feel ok about letting loose a little bit.

The one thing that still bothers me is my sweet tooth after dinner. Luckily, it is a healthy sweet tooth, most of the time, but it still bothers me because I end up being full after dinner, but then HAVING to eat something sweet and then feeling TOO full before bed. For example, look at today (ill post the entire day):
Breakfast-Grande nonfat latte (160 cals), Luna bar (180cals), cherries (80cals?)
Snack-Banana (100 cals)
Lunch-vegetable soup (??), apple (80cals), 2 bites of bran muffin(taster) <--not very hungry at lunch
Snack-string cheese (80cals)
Dinner-miso soup(??) Sushi (3 spider roll pieces (soft shell crab), 2 caterpillar roll pieces (eel with avocado), 4 spicy tuna roll pieces)(??)
Dessert-One cut up nectarine, cut up mango, grapes, 1/4 cup cottage cheese (??)

It obviously wasn't a high calorie dessert, but I just hate that I feel full now and I am about to go to bed (ate the dessert at around 10:30, ate dinner around 8). I am already thinking about how I should compensate in the morning, but I know I should not be thinking this way!

Anyway, what do you think of my day, in general? It was a lot lighter than yesterday (had tacos for dinner that night with guacamole, tortillas, etc), but it was still very filling/satisfying. I ran 5 miles this afternoon......

Why do I still feel like I am fat every time after I eat, but when I am hungry or after I compensate for a day, I feel thin. How can a perception change that quickly!??! i hate it!!!

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