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Jess is right LS...this is definently not enough! Your day was very always but not enough cals. And don't feel bad about eating the M&M's. I always crave sweets in the afternoons too and I usually have some frozen yogurt or something. If it makes you feel better I eat twice what you do in a day and I've lost 2 pounds recently and I also don't do NEAR the exercise you do either. I usually just walk 4-5 times a week and that's it. I've been trying to up my intake because I'm still underweight too. With the exercise you do you could probably eat anything you wanted. Running 5 miles a day is ALOT. I'm like you I always worry way too much about what is "normal". I'm not really sure if there is a "normal" anymore. Everyone is so different and the only thing you can do is to just listen to your body when it comes to eating. It'll tell you when to eat, how much, and what to eat. Try not to worry so much about rules or what is considered normal. Just remember everyone is different. Some people require more food and some less. I know I have days where I'm just starving all day long and then I have days where I just don't feel like eating at all. Your body knows what it needs and what we have to do is to just learn how to trust it. I know it's easier said than done. I'm still struggling with this too. At first it does take alot of thought. I just stop every once in awhile and ask myself "Am I hungry? If so, what am I hungry for?" It sounds stupid but that's what it takes to learn how to listen to your body. After awhile it'll become second nature and you won't even have to think about it. And after you eat something think about how your body feels. Are you satisfied? Does the food make you feel reenergized or tired and sluggish? And after awhile you'll only want the foods that give you energy instead of the ones that make you tired. This is called "intuitive eating". There is a book on it I want to get. Books have been helping me alot lately. I stay clear away from books that focus on dieting. I've been reading alot lately about how our culture values thinness so much and how it's affecting women and our eating habits that way too often, become disordered. A good book is "Starving for salvation". It's all about that. It really is sad how much we value being "thin". There is so much more to life!! But so many women anymore are so wrapped up in dieting and exercise to achieve the perfect body that they completely miss out on the good things in life. I've decided I would rather live life than be obsessed about my body. Anyway, I hope my advice has helped some. I know how you feel. I still struggle with this everyday too. It will get better though. Take care!!
LS, I can totally relate to the way you feel. It's no fun at all. I just finished this GREAT book called "Intuitive Eating: A recovery guide for the chronic dieter". It has really helped me to get in touch with my body and to eat when I'm hungry, what I'm hungry for and until I'm full. I've been doing that these last several days and it's amazing! I'm really surprised at how much I'm focusing less on food and exercise and just listening to my body. I mean I'm in no way miracuously "recovered" but I feel like this is a HUGE step for me and so far I'm feeling better everyday. But it's like I'm just waiting.....waiting for those thoughts to creep back into my head....waiting for my ED to rear it's ugly head again because it always does....I just need to STOP waiting and just move forward and really believe that I can beat this! I know one of my biggest problem is I have way too much time on my hands to think about things. I'm a stay at home mom right now. I mean basically I just clean when it needs to be done, take care of my daughter (feeding, changing diapers, bathing, playing) and that's about all I do. I read quite a bit because it helps get my mind off of things but other than that I don't do a whole lot. Sometimes I feel really guilty because I think I "sit around" too much. I feel bad when I'm sitting there watching TV, reading, or surfing the net. It's like I always think I have to be doing something productive or just moving! I think alot of it is still fear of gaining weight. I feel like if I'm just sitting there everything I ate is turning to fat because I'm not "burning it off". I need to stop thinking like that. I know I deserve that "me time" to just relax. I do get out and walk everyday usually 2-3 miles so I'm not completely inactive, lol. But here soon I won't be so bored anymore and I'll probably wish I could have some "me time". Fall semester starts next week and I'm taking 3 classes. I've also applied for a couple of part-time jobs as a phleobotomist because I took a course in that and am now certified. So I think that'll help me alot. I also suffer from depression along with my ED and I know that's due to lack of social contact and boredom. I mean don't get me wrong I love being at home with my daughter but I just don't feel like I have a life beyond that. I'm doing this for me. I just hope we can both get over this someday because there is so much more to life!

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