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I am in search of any help I can get. Last May, I began low carbing and lost 30 by October. I felt so good when I lost the weight, but eventually fell off the wagon because I was tired of missing potatoes and breads and other certain "carb foods". Also, I couldn't stand the constipation that came along with the low carbing. Also, I had read so many things about the American Heart Association recommending not doing a low carb diet. I had read and hear that it was unhealthy. Well, I have tried every other diet under the sun, to no avail. I know I can lose weight by low carbing again, however, I can't make it for a day. I get really gung ho and think oh yeah, I can do it again. I did it once, I CAN DO IT AGAIN. Works for about 1/2 day, but that whole time I drive myself crazy thinking that maybe I should be taking a different approach to losing weight. Maybe I should be doing something healthier. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough with other types of diets. I eventually talk myself out of low carbing and end up binging. I am so depressed. I have about 70 pounds I need to lose. I don't know the best approach to take to losing this weight. This is consuming me. I can't stop thinking about losing weight. I am tired of being fat and I want to feel like I did when I had lost those 30 pounds. But, I just can't get going again. I can't think about anything else. And when I try to restart my new way of eating, that is all I concentrate on. I am so tired of beating myself up over this, but I don't know what to do. Has anyone felt this way or can give me some advice on how to handle this situation? I don't know what the healthiest, but most effective way is to lose this weight. Please help. I am missing out on so much of my 2 daughter's lives because I am consumed with being fat. Any advice? Thank you!

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