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Re: Fasting
Aug 25, 2005
[QUOTE=SushiGirl]I started my first fast this morning. I'm doing a 3 day detoxification fast. 8:00a.m I drink an 8 ounces glass of prune juice
8:30a.m I drink another 8 ounces glass of prune juice
The rest of the day I drink as much apple juice as I want to, diluted 50/50 with distilled water, until 6:00p.m
I have nothing from 6:00p.m to 9:00p.m
At 9:00p.m I make the following mixture: juice of 2 oranges, juice of 1 lemon, 5-10 tablespoons olive oil, shake well and drink.
Nothing else until 8:00a.m the next morning, then I repeat the above. :bouncing:[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=jade112]I thought a fast was when you have NOTHING except room tempature water?

How is drinking all that juice still a fast?

If I may add my $0.02 while this thread is still going: There are MANY ways to fast. The above is somewhat of a "fast" that specifically targets the dumping of liver toxins. It is still a bit of a mystery how it works, but prune juice does a pretty good job clearing the bowels. The juice/oil mixture taken before bed stimulates the gallbladder/liver to dump all their bile, and the malic acid (found naturally in apples) serves the purpose to break down any potential gallstones before they may be ejected or get stuck in the bile duct, causing discomfort.

Ideally, a liver cleanse would be preceded by a medium length fast, this would leave the bowels most efficient for evacuating the waste created by the liver cleanse. Apple (fresh extracted juice/organic cider vineger) should be followed for a few days to be effective.

There are many, many ways to fast, and for a fast to be effective, it is necessary to understand why you are fasting and what is going on in your body during and after. For as many ways that exist to have a successful fast there are just as many "wrong" ways to do it. You must know the desired effect you are trying to create in your body and fast accordingly. Do the wrong kind of fast, and it is probable that you will feel worse than before, and may never want to try again.

The biggest mistake people make when they first start out is by trying to do too much, or not preparing their body before hand. If you regularly eat meat you may want to try to eat only raw fruits and vegetables fow a few days. Juice fasting is highly recommended if you are fasting on your own for the first time, and it is perfectly acceptable to have a very short first few fasts.

FASTING IS NOT A PANACEA for all ills, but can be used to greatly enhance an already healthy lifestyle :wave:

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