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Fluctuating diet
Aug 11, 2005
I have an ongoing problem with constipation. I'm not sure if it has to do with genetics (my dad has bowel problems), or if it's just due to my eating habits (was never a good dieter), but I know it helps to eat lots of fiber.

My problem is, my diet is turning into a cycle. I get constipated and I think "this has got to stop", so for the next few days I overload on wholegrain and fruit, to the point of forswearing meat and sugar. Then, the constipation goes away, but my energy drops and I start craving the meat and sugar again (I've been munching jelly beans all afternoon). So I binge on those things, and neglect the fiber, thus the cycle begins again.

In short, I need to find a way to even out my eating habits, because I never want to resort to taking a fiber supplement- the idea just wigs me out. It's hard, because I'm used to just eating whatever comes to mind; I've maintained the same weight for several years that way, at a time when most people are up and down all the time (namely, adolescence).

Anyway, any ideas on how to control this?

Whenever I try to lose some weight I get seriously constipated. If I am drinking alcohol (which I rartely do these days) there's no problem.
If not drinking and eating less (say 2100 calories) I ALWAYS have constipation and the only safe answer for me is daily psyllium. Daily beans also help because of their huge soluble fiber content.
There is no alternative for me because I abhor chemical laxatives and haven't taken one iin 5 years. Enemas mork but three enemas a week is more effort than I can muster.

I say, forget your fear of fiber supplements and go to Target to buy their sugar-free Orange fiber therapy. $5 will get you through a couple months...I take 2 rounded tsps a day in Crystal Light! It works!

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