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Hi jamie

I have two vegan daughters and a vegan grandaughter, and it does NOT have to mean weak, although skinny is a high-probability.

whey is OUT if you are vegan. Soy and soy isolate protein are a fine substitute. gluten is okay if you are not alergic to wheat. beans, nuts, soy, legumes, are CRUCIAL. whole grains--brown rice with the beans, whole wheat bread with the peanut butter, for examples--can help. (refined grains lose much of their protein in the milling, and grains are only a minimal protein source to begin with).

I am not your doctor, but from what you describe as your height and weight and your doc's comments, you sure as heck seem to be protein- and calorie-deprived, to me.

veganism takes a LOT of study and thought. it is very hard to get enough complete protein, and almost impossible to get enough b-12. pernicious anemia is a constant risk. i say this as a parent of (now adult) kids who seem to be doing it okay. but believe me, it takes study and work, and they messed up plenty getting there. One got herself very frighteningly ill before getting things worked out. she did not give it up, but she sure learned a whole lot more about it.

as to exercising, even a couple of dumbells (pick a weight that seems a bit too much for you right now), and the simplest book on body building--available wherever the weights are sold--will give you plenty of help without going to the gym.

just remember to work any muscle group hard enough to strain--this is what puts on more mass, and to REST a day or two between exercising the same muscle group again--this is when the mass is added, not during the exercise itself. the last thing you need is to start over-training (this tears down existing muscle).

NO skateboarding and other aerobic/calisthenic/sporty type activities do not build muscle, not really, anyway. in fact, in the face of protein or caloric insufficiency, they will encourage the body to digest its own protein (this is called catabolisis)to keep up with the energy demands of the activity.

Get some soy, some bean, some wheat gluten, ANY veggie protein in you immediately. and do not spend time worrying about calories at your weight. this is not your issue, not at this time in your life. maybe next year.

Has anyone ever discussed eating disorders with you? You do not want your food beliefs to slip over into a health-threatening condition. Please!!!


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