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[quote]Originally posted by puzzlegut:
[b]What I would like to know is does certain foods have a lot of carbs and if they are bad?[/b][/quote]

Read the labels on packaged products and most grocery stores have nutrition labels in the produce and meat isles. If it's got more than about 20 grams of carbohydrate per serving after subtracting the fiber content, then I consider this a high carbohydrate food. If it has less than 5 grams of carbohydrate per serving (minus any fiber) then I consider this a low carbohydrate food. Anything in between I would consider moderately high in carbohydrate.

[quote][b]I usually have a bowl of cereal for breakfest. The cereal will vary depending on what's on sale. Right now I'm eating Corn Flakes with Skim milk (no extra sugar). Is this a good food or is it one of those "high in carbs" foods?[/b][/quote]

That's definitely high carb. Check the label on that box of Corn Flakes. I haven't looked in quite some time, but I'll guess about 30+ grams of non-fiber carbohydrate per serving. Then add the 13-15 grams of carbohydrate from the skim milk and you are talking some serious carbohydrates that will rapidly boost your bloodsugar levels but leave you feeling hungry again in a couple of hours. You need more protein and fat for breakfast to stave off those mid morning hunger pangs.

[quote][b]How about pretzels? They say on the package that they are low in fat. Are these very high in carbs?[/b][/quote]

Again, high in carbs. Fat has nothing to do with carbohydrate content. In fact, most low or no-fat foods are very high in carbohydrate, except for things like green leafy vegetables. Most low-fat processed foods are really pretty fattening because of the high glycemic carbohydrates they typically contain.

[quote][b]How about potatoes?[/b][/quote]

Yes, very high in carbohydrate.

[quote][b]Usually for dinner, I'll use potatoe flakes to make mashed potatoes, usually 1 to 2 times a week.[/b][/quote]

Oh, one of the worst kind - processed potatoes. Read the label on that box. Probably greater than 30 grams of carbs per serving. And potatoe flakes (very high on the glycemic index) will cause your sugar to rise faster than if you ate pure table sugar.

[quote][b]I'll usually make them to go with pork steak or pork chops that are grilled on the George Forman grill.[/b][/quote]

That's a good low carb choice. Now eat a salad or some steamed veggies with that instead of those taters and you will be doing fine.

[quote][b]I'll also add a can of corn to the mashed potatoes.[/b][/quote]

A double whammy. Corn is high in carbohydrates also.

[quote][b]Are the potatoes high in carbs?[/b][/quote]

Yes, most definitely.


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