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Maybe you could include some more info about yourself.... age? height? weight?
Either way, you definetly need MORE protein!!! Since u don't eat meat, you could try protein powders, lf cottage cheese,skim milk,yougurt,egg whites, etc. how much water are u drinking every day?? I drink a gallon everyday and that helps to keep me lean.
If you are looking to shed some bodyfat, I would suggest increasing your cardio to 30-45 mins 5 times a week, alternating between some interval training(this burns the fat off faster). I would also suggest to start to weight train, this will help to tone you up and become firm.. I am assuming your a female, so don't worry about bulking up, we just don't have the hormones in our bodys to do that, your body will become more defined and curvier and you'll lean out since muscle takes up less space lb per per compared to fat. oh and THROW OUT that scale.. if your working out you will probably defiently gain weight, but muscle wegihs more then fat, and u want muscle(faster metabloism, so your buring more fat). Evaluate your progress by the measurments of your body and the fit of your clothes.
hope this helps and feel free to email me if you'd like

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