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Questions about FAT
Jun 27, 2002

It's often said that foods such as nuts, fish, avocados, etc. are "good" fats. What exactly is a "good" fat? Does your body process a "good" fat differently than a "bad" fat?

For example, I ate a small package of cashew nuts which contained 14 grams of fat. Is that better to eat than cheese (for example) containing the same amount of fat?

I had read somewhere that some foods contain "good" fats which actually eliminate the "bad" fats.

Also, I thought I read that ALL fats are directly stored as fat in your body (exception being zero carb diets like Atkins) this true?

Basically, I really like nuts, but I would rather abstain from them if the fat in those nuts is handled the same as any other kind of fat.

My diet currently is only about 10-15% fat...and like I said, I would like to eat some more "good" fats, if indeed those do exist.


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