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Lovable Shell,

Now it's my turn to help you out!

You're right, you are underweight. I just plotted your height and weight on a growth chart (cannot use Body Mass Index as a good marker because you're too young). You're at the 50th percentile for height which means that you are average height for your age, but you are at the 10th percentile for weight which means that only 10% of the population (kids your age and height) weigh less than you. This means that you should definitely try to gain a little weight even to get to the 25th percentile as being underweight can cause serious health problems.

Here are some healthy eating tips for helping you maintain a healthy weight:
-Follow the Food Pyramid/Food Guide. Try to eat foods from each food group everyday.
-Don't skimp on fat. You are still growing and should eat things like nuts, peanut butter, 2% milk, 2-3% yogurt, meats/poultry, cheese and fish.
- Eat foods higher in calories, vitamins, and minerals, as opposed to higher in fat or sugar.
-Pack more nutritious calories in each serving. For example, you may add grated cooked eggs to mashed potatoes, ground chicken to soups and gravies, cheese in casseroles, eggs, and soups, and non-fat dried milk in soups, shakes, milk, and mashed potatoes.
-If you get too full too fast, try having more high-calorie foods or slices of foods as opposed to consuming the whole thing (raisins versus grapes, granola and Grape Nuts versus corn flakes, mango slices versus the whole mango).
-Limit drinking beverages to a half-hour before and after a meal.
-Drink mixed juices (apple/berry, peach/orange/banana as opposed to one juice beverages) for a higher calorie intake.
-Snack in between meals. Nuts, dried fruits, and yoghurt are good options, but it is also important to find nutritious foods that you will enjoy.
-Have a nutritious snack before bedtime, such as a peanut butter sandwich.

You may want to talk to your family doctor about how you feel when you gain weight. Teenagers often feel pressure to be very thin even though it is very unhealthy. You shouldn't feel bad if you gain weight - you need to gain weight for your health. I would also possibly involve your Mom if you can. Tell her how you feel - exactly what you said in your post. Let her know that you feel that you should gain weight but that you feel uncomfortable doing so. She will be able to help. It's really important that you tell some adult (and I don't mean on this board) how you feel.

I hope this helps! :)

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