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Yes, vegetarians and vegans are healthier, live longer,and if you go toward veganism, you're likely to avoid all heart disease and cancer, as well as other conditions.

STick to water, whole grains (carbs are good), veggies, and limit the fruits to the 2 servings or so a day.

However, I eat mostly carbs and my bodyfat as a woman is quite low (between 15-17%). I'm 34 and 5' 6". I weigh between 120-125 generally.

Anyhoo, don't believe the lies that meat and Atkins are healthy. I can guarantee my blood tests are healthier than any low carber. My cholesterol is at 129 (HDL about 82) and my triglycerides are at 29. YES, mostly eat carbs (even the sweet, sugary kind when I feel like it).

But when I was eating higher protein and more dairy as a vegetarian, my cholesterol was over 200. Also, my triglycerides were higher (obviously) and I was 30 pounds heavier.

Skip all animal products, limit the protein to the daily allowance of no more than 60 to 100 g a day, try to stick to whole grains if possible during weight loss, no or low oil. Vegan is best.

Then once you've achieved your weight loss, you can cheat more often like I do.

Look for books by Neal Barnard M.D. And John McDougall M.D.

Oh, and my max lift on the leg press is over 300#! HA ..on low protein. I RULE! I've been doing this for about 4 years and my weight has stayed in the normal range of 122ish pounds. When I am super strict vegan low oil (eat as much carbs as I want), I was down to 109 and 13% bodyfat. According to AFAA, you can get down to 12%.

No problems missing periods ever.


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