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Thanks, Magnolia. I completely understand what you are saying and I accept your apology 100%. You are right with your advice.

Piscean - I am so sorry to hear that you are in a "down" period. You have to know that it won't last forever and you are FINE. I know you FEEL like you are fat&you FEEL like you are eating a lot, etc, etc, but you are NOT. And me saying that is so far-removed from the voice in your head, but you have to trust me, just like I have to trust you. I can think of 100s of times during the past year where I have felt fat or like I am gaining weight or like what I ate was awful or like i was a huge slug b/c i didn't exercise (the list goes on), but in reality, none of it is as significant as it seems. Have you really even gained very much weight even when you are TRYING to gain weight? NO. Will eating badly one day, two days, even three days make you fat? NO. I should take my own advice b/c it is so clear when I say it to you. You are still so thin for your height and to even think twice about your food seems silly to anyone else, but you (and me b/c I completely understand where you are coming from).
But when you read my posts and my concerns, don't you see how obvious it is that there is so much wasted energy going into food, exercise, etc? Can I give you an example? Today I have eaten "ok" according to me...
Breakfast: Lowfat cottage cheese, banana, nectarine, some strawberries
Lunch: Bagel with lowfat cream cheese, tomato, and capers
Snack: Apple, 2 salt water taffy
Dinner: Grilled buffalo (very good! Leaner than steak!), baked beans, salad with lf dressing, tomato, and avocado, 1/2 of a roll
Snack: some honey toasted cashews and the frosting off of a small brownie (oops)
Dessert: Maybe frozen yogurt
I am feeling really badly right now about my dinner b/c I feel like I ate more than I was planning on and I hate that I ate the frosting off that brownie. But for me to waste my energy, time, and happiness to be upset about that would be RIDICULOUS, but I almost did! Before I came on here to post I was letting it get the best of me and now I am not going to!! I ate it. That's it. And I'll be fine. Period. Right?

You are right - I need to do some soul searching and really figure out what my values are. I think that the trip I am going on in one week (moving to another country with some friends for 6 months!!) will be amazing for that. But at the same time, that is what is making me so anxious right now. I'll be eating weird food, not exercising NEARLy as much as I am now, and probably getting big and fat. I just can't stand to think about that and it makes me soooo incredibly anxious!!!
Anyway, sorry this has gotten so long. Basically, I just don't want you to lose faith and i want you to know that everyone here is extremely supportive of you and understands your dilemma completely.
I truly hope that we can both let go of our anxiety soon b/c it's just so draining...and so not worth it....

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