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Re: Flaxseed oil
Nov 5, 2002
There's actually a ton of research out there on Flaxseed oil

You could look up the name Will Brink on any search engine who really brought most of this stuff to the forefront for many athletes, As well as checking out Udo's web site.

There's lots of facts that many people do not know concerning flax.

Contains good ratios of EFA's Omega 3, 6, and 9. You can't live without these things and your body dosen't make them. Yes, you can get the same thing from fish but how many people do you know eat enough fish to get these? Shellfish, and salmon are the highest concentrations of these oils. (I eat tuna..not much of it there) You can take fish caps but really, they're kinda funky. Flax (Cold Pressed, and COLD) is great. I add it to my protien drinks because you don't taste is much there. I also make a good salad dressing with it.

The seeds themselves are a great source of fiber, however, in some people they can be a source of great discomfort in the gut. (like me) Some people they don't pose this problem. The oils by and large are the most easily digestable as long as you don't take too much at once.

When I'm preparing for a contest, I definitly up my intake of flax oil. Helps stave off hunger and by and large, keeps my calorie count in the black so my body dosen't go into starvation mode. I think that counts as a diet aide.

Hardly a gimmick, definitly a great wonderful thing.
Does great things for skin hair and nails too.


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