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Hi Mark Time, thanks for your post. I don't KNOW if 1200 calories is healthy for me, but I know that it sure is healthier than 800. I read somewhere that 1200 is the lowest you can go and still be healthy, which sounds like something I should start, because I don't want to make it too high either.

I know that I wouldn't feel a slave to 1200 calories, because to me, that's alot of food. Yesterday I tried to eat 1000 and I couldn't, because I was just never hungry enough! I had to really force food down even when I wasn't hungry..just to get the calories. To me it'd be a blessing if I could start eating 1200 again!

I don't understand what you mean by saying that you go on binge diets and then eat whatever you want then binge diet again. I think you have it backwards. Binging is when you eat whatever you want, and you eat alot of it. When you binge eat, that means you can sit down and eat everything in sight, it is an eating disorder problem. I've never heard the term "binge dieting" but I think you mean you go on crash diets?

Whenever I would binge (I would eat alot, all day, because I knew once I had that chocolate, or whatever, I had already "ruined my day" so that triggers me to binge the rest of the day) I would gain like 2 pounds. It would usually take me about 5 days to a week to lose it again.

I know that you can binge, and then get on a quick diet and lose it again, and so on and so forth, but that is yo-yo dieting, and I would rather much get out of yo-yo dieting. I don't really want my body to be in starvation mode anymore. And I definitely don't want to bounce between 40 lbs!!! I'm glad it works for you but that would not work for me :)

You are taking ephedrine? Please be cautious about that! That is pretty risky stuff.

jessie's (ex)-girl (need to change the name!!)

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