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I am on a healthy, balanced diet where I am supposed to get the right amount of protein,carbs,and fat in one meal. So here are my main problems.. (I am 16 btw, so notice that I cannot decide what not to buy in the store, so these things will always be around..)

DAIRY- I am a BIG fan of cheese, I eat it almost everyday. (Which is probably really bad since it is very high in fat.) How can I cut out my addiction of cheese? I also like milk, but I am going to go for soy since I also like it as much as milk. But are eggs bad for you? Is this something I should change? I try not to eat the yokes, although I have heard they have some nutritional benefits, but they are also high in fat.

TUNA- I eat fancy white albacore tuna a lot also. I know fish is good for you, but can it cause problems? Can the odor of the fish come out in your sweat?

PEANUT BUTTER- yuuummm... I love this stuff. :) I will see if we can get the freshly ground peanut butter in the natural food section, since it is a lot healthier for you. But what are the health benefits on peanut butter?

SALT- How much will salt effect my diet? Can it prevent me from losing weight?

Just a few things that I enjoy, please give me some advice! Thanks. ~Qweeny

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