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I recently started adding 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds to my cereal in the morning to increase my omega 3 intake. And I started eating fish twice a week....salmon or cod usually.

So I'm wondering what exactly, in mg, is the recommended daily intake of omega 3?

I see on the package that one serving (two tablespoons) is 3,500 mg of omega 3. I just don't want to get too much of it by mistake.

A reasonable goal is 1,000 mg. DHA + EPA. Those are the animal based Omega-3's that are the most beneficial agents. The flax contains the lighter molecular weight, vegetable world version omega-3 called ALA that the body converts only a small portion of to DHA.

The ALA is of some benefit but is not in the same league as the big hitters.

You cannot overdo any of these Omega-3 components except to the point of getting too many calories from them and gaining weight...and only Bill Gates is rich enough to worry about it. And God knows eating a pound or two of flax a day would take a super-human effort (and NO taste buds.):D

Several Tbsps. of flaxseed every day is a good recipe for bowel health. Keep it up.

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