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I can relate to your situation - working in an office environment is very bad for staying in shape - not only does it keep you sedentary for many hours of the day, but it also keeps your mind on food when there's not much work to be done. I've found the best way to stop eating is to keep busy - but this isn't always achievable in everyone's job situation.

If I know that I'm about to eat out of sheer boredom, I force myself to have a huge glass of water first - more often than note, that makes me feel full enough to not bother snacking. I know it's boring, but it works! I often make a competition out of it - see how much water i drink in 1 day, then try and beat it the next - can you tell I often have REALLY boring days at work? :)

If that doesn't work, I'll keep some rice cakes/crackers handy so that even if I do start to eat, I'm not doing 'too' much damage. Even better would be to eat something like celery or carrot etc.

I know the options aren't that enticing, but your body will thank you for it. Hopefully some other people will have some different (more exciting!) suggestions to try as well.

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