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Thankyou Shmigelz
i agree it is easy enough if you can afford to go to a gym, and pay for a consultant BUT... what about the millions of people who cant afford to do these things ?, the countless people who like me are struggling to keep a house and children, to my mind a gym is not the answer, and never will be, Gyms are full of people who dont need to be in there in the first place, and if you do find yourself going to one, when you leave you feel even more fed up with the fact that your too overweight to be in there... so to drown that particular sorrow you look toward something to take your mind off of it like.... alcohol, what i was hoping for was a realistic alternative to high cost fitness and dieting, for people on a budget, and while were on the subject... why is it that diet, low calorie, health foods cost twice as much as normal food ? theres only half the ingredients in them !!!

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